What to Wear

So you’ve booked your session, the date it set, and you’re so excited… guess what? SO AM I! There’s just *one* problem… the thought; “I have NOTHING to wear” crosses your mind… it’s okay, it happens to everyone!

I’ll give you some guidelines to follow that will help you make the best decision on your wardrobe selection for your session. Keep in mind this is just personal preference and what I’ve noticed works best. Please never hesitate to ask me a more detailed question!

Color:Neutrals work best; whites, blacks, nudes, and browns. Stay away from really bright colors such as hot pinks, reds, bright blues etc. These may give off a color cast on your images that can make them look wonky… we don’t want any of that! 😉


Patterns are OK. Smaller patterns work best as opposed to large patterns. For maternity sessions; stay away from horizontal stripes (both for mom *and* dad)… they tend to make you look wider than you actually are… this is also a rule for regular life too! 😉 Make sure that that if someone is going to wear a pattern, the other persons should wear a solid color. This gives the image a nice symmetry and a streamlined look… too much pattern will clash!


This is more for the women/mama’s since men can usually throw on some jeans and a t-shirt and look perfect – so women, if it’s for a maternity – dresses are always a good option. Empire waist will accentuate your bump so I’d stick with that- longer dresses make you look longer/leaner as opposed to short ones. Sleeves or no sleeves is entirely up to you, but stay away from layering when wearing a dress.. if you’re going to go with a classic jeans/t-shirt look, investing in a *good* pair of maternity jeans will make all the difference.

In general, make sure your clothes are wrinkle and stain free (you’d be surprised) this is a special time in your lives and you want to make sure it’s captured beautifully and perfectly!

Matching: (dont do it!!) My artistic eye prefers when your families outfits “go” with one another as opposed to entirely *matching* what that means is stay away from everyone wearing the exact same thing. Choose a theme/color palette and everyone should wear something different but that has a unifying theme. For example – choose 3 colors – let’s say mustard, navy blue, and white/cream… Dad can wear jeans or navy blue pants with a patterned shirt that has the other colors, mom can wear a solid blue, mustard or cream dress, one kiddo can wear mustard cords, and a white shirt (add a bow tie to make me absolutely SWOON), and the other kiddo can wear jeans, and maybe a blue/patterned top. In this scenario there’s a unifying theme but not everyone looks exactly the same. This gives your images depth, and a richness that surpasses the basic “everyone wear a white shirt and jeans” look..

Shoes: Don’t forget the shoes! Make sure your shoes go with the theme of your session – if you’re going to wear heals, make sure you bring a pair of flats to walk around in because I tend to walk  A LOT during my sessions for variations in the images.

Also, think about the location in which we are shooting – don’t wear heels to the beach… (please.. just don’t!)… unless we’re going for a specific, spoken about ahead of time artistic look – you shouldn’t wear a ball gown to the beach, or a bikini to a park… get my drift?

Again, these are just suggestions and what I’ve noticed to work best in photos. I will work together with you if you like, to determine the best possible look for your session. Great places to look for inspiration is of course pinterest, instagram, and by doing general searches on google!



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