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Who’s ready to go camping?! ME! This years Fall Mini’s will include JMP’s signature Teepee set ups with a twist! Brings the kids (and the pups!) and come hang out with us while we photograph you guys being silly, and fun!


Sessions will take place on October 15th and 16th. Each session is 20 minutes, includes 10 digital images, print release, and a mini accordion book! When you purchase by September 9th, You will receive a FREE 8×10 print!

Available Times:

October 15th: 4:00 PM, 4:30 PM & 5:00PM

October 16th: 4:00 PM, 4:30 PM, & 5:00 PM

Don’t miss out! 🙂


To schedule your session, email us at jackie@jackelynmarcosphotography.com with your preferred time/date. First come first serve basis.


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Get ready for a FUN session on the blog today! I have known this family since high school – Michael was one of my good friends and I have loved watching him grow into who he is today while creating his little family with Melissa! I have been so privileged to photograph their maternity session for their second little cutie Lily, as well as her newborn session and cake smash session! (blog post on that coming soon! lol) One of his sisters wanted to gift a family session to his parents – I LOVE Maggie – she is THE sweetest ever! This family session was soooo much fun – between their hilarious parents, the poking fun at each other, sibling laughs, and cute little babehs – I was in heaven! Thank you guys for a great afternoon – and sooo sorry it’s taken this long to blog it! 😉


Fun Fact: This family is *really* into baseball 😉 JMPWEB-2-2PIN ITThis is Lily – & on this day Lily wasn’t having it – BUT SHE WAS STILL ADORABLE!!! JMPWEB-2PIN ITsiblings – I love these shots! JMPWEB-2089PIN ITA Mom & her Girls <3 JMPWEB-2126PIN IT JMPWEB-2131PIN IT JMPWEB-2174PIN IT JMPWEB-2159PIN IT JMPWEB-2207PIN IT JMPWEB-2192PIN IT JMPWEB-2248PIN ITThese two were *everything* The love between them literally radiates through to their kids – so magical! JMPWEB-2286PIN IT& mom & her men <3 JMPWEB-2279PIN IT JMPWEB-2338PIN ITEthan – Oh Ethan… I can’t get enough of him & his AMAZING hair! JMPWEB-2353PIN IT JMPWEB-2365PIN IThappiness JMPWEB-2471PIN IT JMPWEB-2591PIN IT JMPWEB-2622PIN IT JMPWEB-2636PIN ITThe craziest crazies – how I loved them! JMPWEB-2637PIN ITAirplane Baby? LOL!! JMPWEB-2676PIN IT JMPWEB-2728PIN IT JMPWEB-2747PIN IT JMPWEB-2777PIN IT JMPWEB-2792PIN IT JMPWEB-2802PIN IT JMPWEB-2834PIN IT JMPWEB-2871PIN ITSo much yes <3 JMPWEB-2897PIN IT JMPWEB-2931PIN IT JMPWEB-2968PIN IT JMPWEB-3084PIN IT JMPWEB-3117PIN IT JMPWEB-3161PIN IT JMPWEB-3181PIN IT JMPWEB-3184PIN IT<3 <3 <3 JMPWEB-3360PIN IT JMPWEB-3352PIN IT JMPWEB-3371PIN IThahaha JMPWEB-3439PIN IT JMPWEB-3403PIN IT JMPWEB-3413PIN IT JMPWEB-3553PIN ITIt’s always all about baseball <3


Hi All!

It’s been a while and I know I’m skipping  a few sessions ahead.. I promise I will blog those as soon as possible! But I wanted to share a LARGE family shoot I did a couple of weeks ago! 17 people, PEOPLE! 17 people… on a Tuesday (cue the Tuesday theme song now), after a long day of work AND a crazy long & tiring Memorial Weekend… To say that I wasn’t exhausted would be outright lying… but I had already photographed two families from this large group and loved our sessions so much I knew this wouldn’t be painful.. and I was RIGHT. There was honestly no better family for me to photograph that day. I know 17 people sounds like a lot… and I may or may not have had a mini panic attack a few times during the day just thinking about it… but like most sessions when the camera is in my hand, littles are running around, and I’m surrounded by amazeballs clients all of my worries basically slip away. This session was a Mother’s Day present the kids gifted to their Momma Doris…. each of her 3 children are married and have littles of their own, and… they invited her brother & sister-in-law to join in on the fun. The kids were ANGELS and the parents were laid back & cool… my version of Heaven. I’ll be blogging about the two other sessions but I just HAD to post this one first!

p.s. Doris blogs for South Dade News Leader & blogged about her expeirence! If you want to read about it click here!


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