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Hey guys! I’m turning the BIG 3-2 on FRI-YAY! Have this little sale going on until then… trust me… THIS IS THE ONLY TIME MY NEWBORN COLLECTIONS WILL BE ON SALE LIKE THIS! Also – you get a discount on all other full sessions as well! Click the photo or simply email me at jackie@jackelynmarcosphotography.com to reserve your due date!

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Olivia was my last newborn session of 2015 so I HAD to do some “Christmasy” colors – I had just purchased a cute little plaid pant set that was technically made for “boys” but honestly, girls can rock just about anything! I had so much fun at Melissa + Josephs maternity session, I knew it would be a great newborn session as well!





Hi All!

It’s been a while and I know I’m skipping  a few sessions ahead.. I promise I will blog those as soon as possible! But I wanted to share a LARGE family shoot I did a couple of weeks ago! 17 people, PEOPLE! 17 people… on a Tuesday (cue the Tuesday theme song now), after a long day of work AND a crazy long & tiring Memorial Weekend… To say that I wasn’t exhausted would be outright lying… but I had already photographed two families from this large group and loved our sessions so much I knew this wouldn’t be painful.. and I was RIGHT. There was honestly no better family for me to photograph that day. I know 17 people sounds like a lot… and I may or may not have had a mini panic attack a few times during the day just thinking about it… but like most sessions when the camera is in my hand, littles are running around, and I’m surrounded by amazeballs clients all of my worries basically slip away. This session was a Mother’s Day present the kids gifted to their Momma Doris…. each of her 3 children are married and have littles of their own, and… they invited her brother & sister-in-law to join in on the fun. The kids were ANGELS and the parents were laid back & cool… my version of Heaven. I’ll be blogging about the two other sessions but I just HAD to post this one first!

p.s. Doris blogs for South Dade News Leader & blogged about her expeirence! If you want to read about it click here!


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How about some newborn yumminess on this gorgeous hump day?! Victoria was the sweetest little nugget EVER. She was such a champ an slept pretty much through the entire session except when it was time to eat & poop 😉 Not long ago I got to photograph their maternity session which you can check out here if you want, and I loved hanging out with the fam for our session – their newborn session was just as awesome, and I was even fed some delicious chocolate ice cream (my favorite) as a reward 😉 haha.. enjoy this little angel, they’re only tiny for a little bit! <3

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Today I bring you some maternity hotness from Daniella and Andrew’s Session a few months ago. Daniella was referred to me by someone I’ve known since I was in high school and I’m so glad she did! These two are so adorable and SO in love with each other! Big sister Natallia was also there to take part in the welcoming of her new little sister, and she was the sweetest little princess ever! When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she said “A Photographer” and completely captured my heart right.there. <3 This little family is SO gorgeous and so in love with each other, I had such an amazing day photographing and getting to know them better… I definitely couldn’t wait for their newborn session (which you will see SOON) 😉


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