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Happy Thursday Friends! I’m so excited to share Lucy’s 6th birthday session with you today! Last year we did a super funky session at the Wynwood walls with lots’o colors and fun stuff… this year we went a bit more country chic 😉 I love this family so much… her mama makes my cake smash sessions, and Lucy Goose is the *sweetest* little girl ever! We had a great day walking around and being silly at one of my favorite locations and you can see her personality & sweetness radiating through the images! Enjoy! <3



How about some newborn yumminess on this gorgeous hump day?! Victoria was the sweetest little nugget EVER. She was such a champ an slept pretty much through the entire session except when it was time to eat & poop 😉 Not long ago I got to photograph their maternity session which you can check out here if you want, and I loved hanging out with the fam for our session – their newborn session was just as awesome, and I was even fed some delicious chocolate ice cream (my favorite) as a reward 😉 haha.. enjoy this little angel, they’re only tiny for a little bit! <3

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Happy Tuesday Friends! Guess what? TODAY I TURN 30!!!!!!!!!! waaaaa… okay just kidding, I’m not thaaat upset over it. In honor of MY birthday, I’m giving YOU guys a little present! There are a few deals I’ll have going on all week for my birthday… check these out below!


Fall Mini’s are my favorite! Although we don’t really get “fall weather” in Miami when we should, it’s still fun to pretend! The flyer has all of the info but here are a little extra pieces of info:

The sessions will be OUTSIDE in the Miami Dade area… Exact location will be released a week before the session date, but it won’t be too far from central Miami. Up to 5 family members are welcomed, if you have more than 5 family members, the best thing would be to purchase two sessions back to back to make sure there is enough time to capture images beautifully.

I will probably *not* have any hay this year, just to change it up a bit, but it will be “fall-ish” 🙂

If you purchase your session before my birthday week is over (by September 15th), you will receive two (2) complimentary 8×10 prints from the session!

Time Slots:









To schedule your session email me at first come first serve for time slots. You will have 2 hours to make payment before the time slot gets released to the next person. If the time slot you requested is taken I will let you know which ones are available! 🙂

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In honor of my 30th birthday… Please enjoy 30% OFF any *full session* – mini sessions are excluded from this sale, as well as previous session credits you may have. 50% deposit must paid before the sale is over to secure the 30% off.



Here’s the fun part! I’m going to give away ONE Mini Session – you can choose from a mini newborn session, mini maternity session, or mini family session. This is *not* for fall or holiday mini’s. How to enter the giveaway you say? SIMPLE! Leave a comment on THIS post (below) make sure you indicate your name & e-mail address, for an ADDITIONAL entry, “like” my HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME post on Facebook (,

winner will be announced on 9/12!




I’ve been pretty MIA from all things social media and bloggin, but life has just been so hectic! Today I bring you Lian & Ariel’s maternity session where they were expecting their second little girl. Big sis Madison loooovveeesss me, and was so excited for her new sister that she was just hamming it UP during our session! Sophie has already arrived, blog post with those photos soon, but in the meantime, enjoy some gorgeousness first 😉

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